North Ayrshire Council Officially Opens Our Afton Court Development in Stevenston

15 January 2024

Friday 12th January saw North Ayrshire Council host the official opening of six new amenity bungalows in Stevenston Town Centre.

The six innovative and energy-conscious new homes in the £1.4m development at Afton Court, were supported by £664,000 of Scottish Government funding and were built by modular construction specialist Connect Modular.

Afton Court is a tight, urban infill site on the corner of a busy road junction. Connect Modular worked hard to further maximise the amount of work completed in the factory and thereby minimise onsite works and associated disruption to local residents.

The new Afton Court residents were in attendance at the event and were presented with flowers by Connect Modular’s Acting CEO, Richard Reid.

Two of the new residents were kind enough to allow attendees of the opening event into their home for a tour and it was lovely for us to see the houses being lived in and loved by these tenants who have called this their home since July 2023 when the development was handed over.

Richard Reid, Acting Chief Executive Officer at Connect Modular said: We are delighted to have partnered with North Ayrshire Council in the design, construction, and delivery of these amenity bungalows at Afton Court, Stevenston.

Our modular construction methods were instrumental in minimising disruption to the community that closely surrounds the compact urban infill site. Furthermore, with volatile weather conditions, we were able to bring programme stability through constructing modules in our protected environment, as well as the inherent quality enhancements associated with volumetric construction”.

Speaking at the opening event, Councillor Tony Gurney, Cabinet Member for Green Environment and Economy at North Ayrshire Council, said:

“This is a significant development for us in a number of ways. Not only will it provide wonderful new town centre homes for our residents, it is another step on the way to our ambitious target of building more than 1,600 new homes across North Ayrshire. We are more than halfway towards that target with almost 900 new homes completed.

While all our new homes are built with the climate crisis in mind, the Afton Court development goes a step further and saw the developers, Connect Modular, employ their innovative approach which is mindful of the environment and cuts down on waste.

The bungalows were built in a controlled factory environment using sustainable practices, helping to reduce waste and energy required.

Our tenants are also benefitting from the modern, energy-efficient homes thanks to the ultra-insulated building envelope and the installation of air-source heat pumps and photovoltaic (PV) panels.

We’re extremely proud of this development and are delighted with the feedback we’ve received so far from tenants.”


Watch this video to see the demolished land transformed into a 6 home housing development.