Modular construction offers numerous sustainability benefits, making it an increasingly popular choice for environmentally conscious clients.

As well as minimising material waste, reducing energy consumption and promoting efficient resource management, off-site manufacturing also greatly reduces transportation-related emissions and minimises disruption to the environment on and around sites.

Connect Modular’s modular buildings are designed to be highly energy-efficient, incorporating sustainable technologies and systems that promote energy conservation and reduce carbon emissions in operation.

The superior build quality achieved through manufacturing under controlled conditions leads to significant improvements in air-tightness and, resultantly, improved energy performance throughout the life-span of our buildings. Our use of sustainable materials, such as recycled and low-carbon content materials, further contributes by reducing embodied carbon.

With its focus on sustainability, modular construction offers a more responsible approach to building and aligns with the growing global commitment to a more sustainable future.

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Quality is a fundamental aspect of Connect Modular’s modular construction process, ensuring that every project we deliver meets the highest standards.

Through meticulous factory-controlled processes, modular construction allows for precise and consistent manufacturing, resulting in superior build quality.

The use of advanced technology and skilled craftsmanship ensures that every component is carefully inspected and assembled, guaranteeing structural integrity and durability. Additionally, rigorous quality control measures are implemented throughout the entire construction process to ensure that all modules meet strict performance criteria and adhere to industry regulations.

With a focus on precision and attention to detail, and by removing the significant negative effects of building while exposed to weather factors, our modular construction method offers reliability and consistency of output that surpasses traditional construction methods, delivering buildings of exceptional quality and long-lasting value.


Zero Defects in Manufacturing

In order to achieve the highest level of quality, Connect Modular upholds a “right first time” policy and embodies a “zero defects” ethos.

To realise our goal of zero defects, we have integrated ISO9001-aligned quality assurance procedures throughout our manufacturing and construction processes. This includes frequent checks and hold points to ensure adherence to strict quality standards.

The culture at Connect Modular fosters a sense of pride amongst our staff, fuelling their commitment to deliver exceptional craftsmanship and maintain the highest standards across all builds.


Secured by Design

We know that strong design principles can effectively reduce crime. By prioritising thoughtful manufacturing processes and meticulous site layout designs, we strive to attain the esteemed Gold Award, ensuring that all our homes contribute to a safer and more secure living environment.





Connect Modular is BOPAS accredited for non-traditional construction methods. We handle the design, modular manufacturing, and on-site construction of 1 and 2 storey timber buildings.  BOPAS provides a risk-based evaluation that assures funders, lenders, valuers, and buyers that our homes will endure for at least 60 years.


Considerate Constructors

Connect Modular abides by the code of considerate practice, demonstrating best practice beyond statutory requirements.

We continually raise our standards to ensure our clients are met with only the most desirable outcomes for their projects.


Safe Contractor

Connect Modular has obtained SSIP Accreditation and is an Alcumus approved Safe Contractor.



ISO 9001

Connect Modular has been assessed and approved in accordance with IS0 9001:2015 quality management systems, standards and guidelines.


ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is an international standard for auditing an organisation’s environmental management system.  Here at Connect Modular we examine environmental issues relevant to our operations, including waste management and resource efficiency. Benefits of having this certification include addressing potential environmental concerns effectively.


Fair Work First

Connect Modular is committed to adhering to the principles of Fair Work First. We will continue to monitor and develop internal processes to provide a catalyst for meaningful workforce communication. All employees and sub-contractors are supported in our workplace development and are paid in excess of the Real Living Wage.

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