At Connect Modular, we are passionate about our modular construction method which takes the home-building process offsite and into a controlled factory environment.


How It Works


All Connect Modular houses are constructed in modules inside our manufacturing facility in Cumnock, East Ayrshire where they are fitted out with kitchens, bathrooms, plumbing and electrics before being delivered to site.

Arriving on site, the modules are craned into position and made wind and water tight on the same day. The homes can be ready for occupancy in a matter of weeks, with only the final 10% of external works left to be completed.

With such a high percentage of works taking place under controlled conditions and not subject to adverse weather conditions, Connect Modular’s modular construction method offers greater certainty on programme from the outset of the project.

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Factory Built Quality

We build to BOPAS accredited standards in the Connect Modular manufacturing facility.

Our off-site, controlled factory environment ensures we can implement a stringent quality regime, resulting in a high quality product with a zero defects approach. Our standard specification achieves Silver aspects 1+2 of the Scottish Building Regulations and a high EPC B rating, through a fabric first principle and net zero emissions heating systems.

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Our Modular Construction Method Summarised in 38 seconds…

Key Benefits of Modular Construction

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Better Quality Homes

Standardised make ups, methods and manufacturing detailing creates repetition for the effective implementation of a robust scheme of quality assurance checks.

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Project Programme Certainty

With such a high percentage of works taking place under controlled conditions and not subject to adverse weather conditions, we can offer greater certainty on dates and deadlines from the outset of the project.

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Reduced Waste

Cardboard and plastic packaging is kept dry prior to baling, making recycling simpler whilst off-cuts are stockpiled according to size to ensure suitable repurposing.

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Minimal Disruption to Neighbours

With site preparation works and module manufacturing happening simultaneously, the project timeline is condensed and the offsite nature of construction ensures deliveries to site are minimal.

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Carbon Capture

Our build system is timber frame and 1m3 of timber contains almost 1 tonne of CO2 captured from the atmosphere as it grows. Research suggests that 2.1 tonnes of carbon is saved from entering the atmosphere for every tonne of wood produced instead of steel.

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Improved Materials Storage & Quality

Controlled conditions allow all materials to be stored in a dry environment, unpacked and quality checked at point of arrival with unsuitable items quarantined.

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Controlled Factory Conditions

Controlled factory conditions make it easier to improve the future sustainability of homes – for example, better air tightness can be achieved as standard.

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Reduced Emissions

Manufacturing and storage facilities allow for bulk delivery of materials, reducing vehicle movements by as much as 57%, versus traditional construction.

Modular Construction in Action:


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