Scottish Housing Day 2022: Focus on Sustainability

13 September 2022

Wednesday 14th September is Scottish Housing Day and the theme of this year’s event is sustainable housing.

Sustainability is a guiding principle in all that we do here at Connect Modular as we aim to meet demand for new homes, without compromising our future generations’ access to natural, social and economic resources.


10 Steps We’ve Taken To Ensure Sustainability at Connect Modular

  1. In our factory, cardboard and plastic packing is kept dry prior to bailing and recycling, and general waste is more easily segregated.
  2. Combined with more efficient building methods, this results in up to 84.7% less waste than on traditional sites.
  3. Reduced time spent on-site minimises construction traffic and related emissions by up to 50% over the course of a development.
  4. All our timber is sourced from sustainable FSC approved suppliers and suitable off-cuts are used elsewhere in the production line.
  5. Our enhanced building envelope insulation keeps utility bills low for occupants of our houses.
  6. Controlled factory conditions and rigid quality procedures ensure that better airtightness and low -u-values can be achieved consistently.
  7. The addition of Solar photovoltaic panels provides renewable energy to every home we build.
  8. Designs for our net zero carbon homes have been created around the ‘fabric first’ principles of passive design, incorporating mechanical ventilation with heat and wastewater recovery, to significantly reduce energy demand on site.
  9. A combination of efficient air source heat pumps and photovoltaic panels are used in these homes as renewable energy sources, maximising carbon dioxide savings whilst keeping build cost per unit to a minimum.
  10. This results in a reduction in carbon emissions of 101% over the baseline.