Successful Audits

31 May 2024

Connect Modular has recently undergone surveillance visits from BOPAS, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001, and we are absolutely delighted to have successfully passed these assessments with flying colours!

But why are these achievements so important? Let us share with you, the significance of each certification and how it benefits our organisation as well as our valued clients:



(Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme): BOPAS provides independent verification and assurance for modern methods of construction. By securing this certification, Connect Modular demonstrates our commitment to delivering high-quality and durable modular homes that meet or exceed industry standards. This recognition instills confidence in our customers, reassures them of the long-term performance of our buildings, and strengthens our position in the market.

ISO 9001:

(Quality Management System): ISO 9001 certification certifies that Connect Modular adheres to the highest standards of quality management and continually strives to enhance customer satisfaction. This achievement enables us to streamline our processes, improve efficiency, and consistently deliver products and services that meet, and often exceed, customer expectations.

ISO 14001:

(Environmental Management System): With ISO 14001 certification, Connect Modular demonstrates our unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. This achievement aligns with our core values of reducing our carbon footprint, minimising waste, and promoting eco-conscious construction methods. By adhering to the ISO 14001 framework, we contribute to a greener future and set an example for our industry peers.


These certifications signify not only the hard work and dedication of our team but also our unwavering commitment to providing our clients with exceptional modular homes that are sustainable, of the highest quality, and built to last. We recognise the importance of not just meeting industry standards but surpassing them in order to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients.


At Connect Modular, we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner for those seeking efficient, sustainable, and innovative building solutions. Our successful surveillance visits from BOPAS, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 validate our ongoing efforts to maintain the highest level of excellence in all aspects of our operations.