Client: Cunninghame Housing Association

Location: Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire

Project value: £17m

Number of homes: 101

Property range: A mixture of 2, 3 and 4-bedroom general needs houses, amenity bungalows and wheelchair bungalows

Project timeline: July 2022 – Nov 2024

This new development will be Cunninghame Housing Association’s first ever modular housing project and the largest modular low-rise housing development in Scotland.

Located in the Shortlees neighbourhood of East Ayrshire, this new project of 101 affordable homes is being delivered for Cunninghame Housing Association in partnership with East Ayrshire Council and The Scottish Government.

The £17million project will see a mixture of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom general needs houses constructed, together with ten amenity bungalows and five wheelchair bungalows.


“We are delighted to be working in partnership with Connect Modular to deliver this important development of 101 new modular homes. This is the first modular construction project undertaken by Cunninghame Housing Association and the largest modular low-rise housing development in Scotland.  We are excited to be part of this innovative and efficient method of construction. We recognise the significant environmental benefits of the build and that the units will be built in Connect Modular’s Ayrshire factory, to a very high standard, and delivered to site. With the support of our Strategic partners, East Ayrshire Council and the Scottish Government, we are able to provide these highly sought after affordable new homes in this popular area of Kilmarnock”.

Frank Sweeney, Chief Executive Officer – Cunninghame Housing Association

In August 2023, the first phase of this project was completed, with 20 houses handed over to Cunninghame Housing Association including 4 wheelchair bungalows, 4 amenity bungalows, 8 2 bedroom semi-detached houses and 4 3 bedroom semi detached houses.

The handover event was attended by The Scottish Government Minister for Housing, Paul McLennan MSP along with Provost Jim Todd and Acting Chief Executive Officer at Cunninghame Housing Association, Linda Anderson.

A further 9 houses were handed over in October 2023, with 10 more expected to follow in November when phase two reaches its conclusion.


“We are absolutely thrilled to see the completion and handover of the first homes in this 101 modular housing development. This project demonstrates our dedication to delivering innovative, sustainable, and affordable housing solutions for our local communities. It’s been fantastic having the support and endorsement of the Housing Minister and Provost who share our vision of cultivating sustainable communities and improving lives through the provision of modular housing. We’re delighted to be working with Cunninghame Housing Association on this development and look forward to the continuous handovers of our homes over the next year”.

Richard Reid, Acting Chief Executive Officer at Connect Modular

Cunninghame Housing Association tenant Miss Brennan was one of the first residents to receive keys to her new home and commented “Getting the bungalow has given me a new lease of life and given me my independence back; in my old property I was unable to get upstairs for the last 20 months. I’m delighted with the offer and the house is beautiful.”

Miss Brennan had been on the housing waiting list for approximately 18 months before receiving this offer of a new, accessible home.

The collaboration between Connect Modular and Cunninghame Housing Association represents a shared commitment to addressing the pressing need to quickly and efficiently deliver affordable housing. The completion of the first houses is just the beginning of a wider initiative that will ultimately deliver 101 purpose-built modular homes, positively impacting the lives of many individuals and families.


“The Association is committed to delivering high quality homes for rent and it’s been exciting to see this fantastic modular housing development take shape. The handover of these first completed houses to the new tenants is an important milestone in the delivery of 101 new homes in an area where demand for housing is much needed. We’re excited to continue our successful partnership with Connect Modular through to Summer 2024 when the site will be fully complete. The project has benefitted from significant investment from the Scottish Government and this invaluable ongoing support allows us to carry on providing quality new homes as we continually strive to make our communities better places.”

Linda Anderson,

Acting Chief Executive Officer at Cunninghame Housing Association